Letter To My Younger Self

29 May 2019 / 29 May 1975

I remember the day I received this letter and sent you this formula in full along with the code that reversed it:

“Let f (a,b,c,d,e,f ) be a hypothetical function giving time equivalence at a place whose latitude and longitude should be given by another function for a place. a is second, b is minutes, c is hours, d is day, e is month, f is years of the given time. Dilated time is given by the Lorentz force reaction, T’=T/√(1–(v²/c²))” et sic porro.”

So we have proved that the mystics sort of, and I stress, sort of, knew what they were talking about in this particular area. It’s too bad that it’s a closed loop each time you use it but so be it.

Of course we can now surmise that the book you read when you were younger, Hill of Dreams, is a travelogue - not a work of fiction. Ditto, Hampole’s A London Walk : Meditations in the Streets of the Metropolis.

They are assured that they will rise above previous, seemingly Herculean disappointments that are in actuality long, long, in the past and are meaningless.
// Photo: Amelia Troubridge

// Photo: Amelia Troubridge

Usually in this type of letter one party relays various homilies, clues, and instructions on how to improve their lot in this life cycle to their respective older or younger self. They are assured that they will rise above previous, seemingly Herculean disappointments that are in actuality long, long, in the past and are meaningless. Also, there are usually hints given re: some “important” subject like what to do to make money. The horse to bet on, the stock to purchase, the war to avoid or join, etc.

We already know that making money is ephemeral, and we know that if I told you to buy stock in something called “Apple” when it came out (no, not the Beatles company - it’s another one starting out next year), the very act of us acquiring those particular shares would effect the course of events and drastically the particular respective paths that they and we have chosen to journey down.

Having said that, and remaining in the current fashion, here are some pointers elucidating the few bullet points that we sent us in this letter as they did happened:

The exhibition book about the tribe that lives near Timbuktu…they were on to something that heavily pertains to us. Don’t lose it. No it will not make us any money. The old withered guy who collects everything has a bearing on this as well.

Ah, yes…he correctly surmised that collectibles are not only inanimate objects of desire but often they are guideposts that can be used as objects of divination. Exempli gratia, Victor 21142 has an important geographical message for you and it isn’t “Tennessee”. We will meet lots of fine women during your short travels there, but there is only one who will know how to work the formula above as well as many others.

As an aside... don’t ditch your 78’s, but we will not heed this advice. It actually doesn’t matter because the day will arrive quite soon when anyone will be able to listen to Barbecue Bob and Pergolesi whenever they want to, wherever they want to, and the medium won’t wear out. Think digitally but know when it exceeds its worth.

Think digitally but know when it exceeds its worth.

That dysfunctional, loud band from Queens that is uppermost in your mind is worth the effort. Ditto for the other dysfunctional-art band that has no guitar. They both will haunt you, always. Magna magna sit optima.

There are reams and reams of more ephemeral details about “work” concerns that I could convey in this letter, but they are all meaningless in the end. The majority of actions and instigations are collective ones and more importantly, there is only one work to be true to: It is the magnum opus that is your own and it is your own only.

One last/first thing which I will convey as a rule:

Over the years, don’t be perturbed as your physical self deteriorates. If we play our hand correctly, it won’t matter in the end, and it won’t be needed. But if we fail in the quest this time, there’s always Conqueror 7521.

C.L.-Beacons Bottom 30 May, 2019,

with severe apologies to the master of this sort of thing, Arthur Machen.


Craig Leon

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About Craig Leon

In 1981, producer and composer Craig Leon, known in the downtown New York zeitgeist for his production on The Ramones and Suicide’s debut albums, released Nommos, a minimal, primitive electronic exploration based on a speculative and wildly imaginative anthropology. In 1982 the privately pressed sequel, Visiting, was added to the collection.

In the intervening years, while Leon pursued his career as a successful producer, cult interest in the albums grew, culminating in the Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1., the 2014 archival collection which presented Nommos and Visiting as they were intended to be heard, two sides of the same coin.

Today, The Canon picks up where Nommos and Visiting left off. Nearly four decades since their first collaboration on Nommos and Visiting, Leon is once again joined by his partner Cassell Webb on vocals and album production. Leon and Cassell composed, performed, and produced all of the music of The Canon, consciously engaging many of the same synthesizers and programs of Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1 for Vol. 2.