The Process, Part II: Rynn

The Process is a series chronicling the ascension of new artists around the world. Their stories of the grind, the successes, the hardships, and the overall process of trying to make it into the music industry. This is The Process: Rynn.

For Part One: The Process, Part I: Rynn

I still vividly remember getting ready to release the Nightfires EP.

I had just graduated from college the week before, got a part time side job at a local boutique in the 12 South District of Nashville, and was devoting the rest of my time to wrapping up the EP. I remember those first few days after graduation, looking out the coffee shop window and thinking, “If I had a team of people behind me helping to promote this music, what would they do?” My first thought: send emails to try and spread the word and get other people on board…?  Okay, I could send emails. My next thought was who would I send the emails to? People in the music industry? I didn’t know a ton of them, but knew I could find them.

Then I made an excel spreadsheet with a tab for each of the different types of music industry folks I wanted to find including blogs, labels, radio stations, managers, etc. I would Google search other artists that I liked and/or thought were similar to me and see who they were working with. What blogs were posting their music? Who was managing them? Then I would find the industry contact name and email, and add it to my master music industry contact list. Lastly, I would send people on the list a short email introducing myself with a link to my music. Throughout this process I got a few blogs on board to post about the music upon its release, one of them being Vinylmnky!

For the Record - The Process Part II - Rynn

Even after the EP was out, I would still devote a lot of time to reaching out to contacts I could find. During this process one of my goals was to get on a Spotify playlist. I Google searched who the Spotify curators were and found a Buzzfeed article with a picture of the team and all their names. Then I used a free email generator service to find their emails and reached out to anyone I could find at Spotify.

To my surprise, one of the senior editors emailed me back saying they loved the music and introduced me to John Stein, the editor of Indie! They proceeded to put my song, “Talkin’” on a few Spotify generated playlists. As time went by, I noticed that my song “Islands “ was gaining more traction on SoundCloud. I emailed John letting him know (I’m not even positive if I heard anything back), but a few days later “Islands” showed up on a Spotify playlist. It did well on this one playlist for a few months and then I woke up one day (at this point about 6 months after the EP had been released) and saw that “Islands” was added to a bunch of other playlists such as Chill Vibes, Underground Hits, Indie Pop, and Chill Hits.

I was blown away at the Spotify support. I was still a completely indie artist with no management, no publisher, hadn’t spent $1 on marketing, and “Islands” was now getting about 20,000 streams a day.  

One day while I was working at the boutique, I received a message on SoundCloud from a producer duo who had credits with artists such as Rihanna and DJ Mustard.

At this point, I was six months into my giving myself a year to pursue songwriting. I felt like I had the confirmation I was looking for and should continue on. One day while I was working at the boutique, I received a message on SoundCloud from a producer duo who had credits with artists such as Rihanna and DJ Mustard. They had heard my song “Talkin’” and wanted to have the stems to work on an alternate version to pitch to a different artist. I knew there was nothing to lose. A couple months later I was been planning a trip to LA, so I reached out to them to follow up on the song. The day I reached out, those producers happened to be in the studio with the artist, R3HAB. He heard the song and wanted it for his project! Later, he released his version on his debut album, Trouble

As time went by, I felt like more and more of the opportunities that were opening up naturally were in LA, so almost 2 years after I had released the EP, I packed up my car with a tiny U-haul behind it and drove across the country with my mom. Since being in LA, I have continued to write, write, write away. I have released four other singles leading up to a new EP which will be released this summer, and several other songs I have either written or been the featured vocalist on have been released by other artists. I am also working on a cinematic side project called MØØNWATER that’s geared towards film/TV placements. 

This summer I will be a contestant on the new TV show, Songland, premiering on NBC. In the show I get to pitch (in person) one of my songs to the Jonas Brothers! 

There’s so much uncertainty in this path as an artist/songwriter, but it has been the most fun and wild journey. I am so glad that I stepped out in faith (even though the idea of being an artist TERRIFIED me at first), gave it everything I had, and continue to move forward with the opportunities that present themselves. 

Until next time.


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About Rynn

Best known for her single “Islands,” which has been streamed on Spotify more than 8 million times, alt/dream-pop artist Rynn has been busy finishing her second EP which will come out early this year. 

After graduating from Belmont University in Nashville in 2016, the Ohio-native released her debut EP Nightfires and moved to LA to continue writing. In addition to the rise of “Islands,” Rynn’s song "Talkin" took on a life of its own when the artist/DJ R3HAB discovered the song and released a dance version of it featuring Rynn’s vocals. 

Since then, Rynn’s palette of sounds has continued to evolve. Last year her unique cover of Drake’s song “With You” became a fan favorite and she released two more songs, “Tokyo” and “In My Head,” from the upcoming EP. With press support from blogs like Kick Kick Snare and Dancing Astronaut and a packed show at The Study in Hollywood to kick off 2019, Rynn continues to build momentum as an independent artist — and it’s just the beginning.

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