Axel vs. Axel: Redefining Success

Axel vs. Axel: Redefining Success

For the record, this is more for me than for you.

I have something to share.

Something that means a lot to me.

Because maybe


It’ll mean something to you.

I just released a song called “Busy”.

It’s a great track (you should listen to it)

Through the process of creating and releasing it, I learned something.

Something I’ve always known, but until now never understood.

There is more than one way to be successful.

// Photo: Zach Bell

// Photo: Zach Bell

To clarify, I present you with a brief back and forth (with myself).

Hey, I’m Axel.

Hi, I’m Axel also!

Okay, but I’m the one that gets you  

to work harder by making you

feel super guilty about yourself.

Ah yeah, true. Hi again. Whats up?

Well lately I’ve noticed that you’re allowing

other stuff into your life: spending time with

your girlfriend, hanging with friends, having

time for yourself, Game of Thrones podcasts…..

Yeah! I love all that stuff!

Yeah that’s the issue. You want to make it as a musician?

You want to be successful?

Then you can’t have time for all that.

You’re not allowed to care about anything else.

I can’t believe you’d even allow yourself to be distracted...


The ONLY way to be successful is by giving up



Look, if you’re not grinding 24/7, you’re basically worthless.

But what if that definition of

success doesn’t work for me?

What do you mean?

There’s only one definition of success

Ah! But there’s not!

I’d rather get to make my own.

Oh no! You figured it out and now I’m defeated!

...That was sarcastic.

Now I’m rolling my eyes.

Really, what’s the point of being successful

if I have to sacrifice everything for it?

You get to be at the top!

It’s what everybody wants.

That’s not what I want.

I’m not interested in reaching the top

if I have to stop living to get there.

Why not? You can always live life afterwards.

Or I could live my life now, and also later.

I’m thinking a more balanced approach?

Yeah but then you won’t get there fast enough!

But I don’t need to get there fast if I’m enjoying the ride.

If you don’t get there quickly,

everyone is going to catch on.

They’ll figure out you’re just a phony.

I’d be more of a phony trying to be something I’m not!

Sounds like you just don’t wanna work hard...

I can be hard-working and nurture something other my career.

I can nurture myself, the people in my life.

By creating time for them, they’re able to create time for me.

And then what?

Then we’d get to reach the top together!

// Photo: Zach Bell

// Photo: Zach Bell

Eh. Seems like a cop out.


Because that’s not how your brother did it.

His way worked for him,

but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way.

But if you don’t do exactly what he did,

you’ll never be like him.

I don’t want to be him, I just want to be me!

Being yourself? Sounds risky.

Yeah, but it’s kind of the best

What if it doesn’t work out?

Then I’ll have good people around me who care.

They’d help me figure it out from there.

So you really think this is the right way forward?

It is for me, at this time.

Gotta work with what I’ve got.

I don’t want to be too “BUSY” for life.

Nice. Classic song title tie-in.

// Photo: Zach Bell

// Photo: Zach Bell


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Emmy-nominated singer/songwriter Axel Mansoor has lived in five countries across four continents but currently calls Los Angeles home. His music features themes of transformation and self-love, as well as an underlying message that one need not rely on others to feel validated. So far in 2019, Axel has shared his latest single “The Other Side” and celebrated the release with a series of shows in New York, including a performance at the Billboard Lounge at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Song by song, the LA-based artist is showing listeners that it’s okay to make genuine and emotion-driven music without having to slap a label on it. Axel will be celebrating the release of “Busy” with a headline show at Moroccan Lounge on April 27th.