Why You Should Stop Trying

I’m Benjamin Love, a musical artist living and working in Los Angeles. Here are a few of my thoughts about channeling your creative potential.

It’s all connected.

Whether it’s music, fitness, science or business; everything is connected. Every practice informs, and sharpens, your other practices. I learned so much about singing from painting with oil. When you paint a form that is moving away from your light source you not only change your light and dark pallet (the value), but also your warm and cool pallet (the tone). The value must change with the tone in order to tell the truth about the object you are painting. This is also true in singing. To tell the truth about the emotion you are feeling you must not only change the frequency of a note, but also the tone. Is the feeling warm or cool? Loud or gentle? When you’re honest about how an emotional experience feels that’s when your audience connects. Have you had any breakthroughs or valuable insights lately? Look for ways that they can inform your other practices. Breakthroughs often have a domino effect.

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Trust the process.

Our unconscious mind will lead us places our conscious mind never could. So when the creative urge comes you need to listen and let it show you how it wants to be manifested. If you wake up and instinctually get pulled to the canvas, then go paint. Or if you find you are struck with an interesting business idea nurture it. Our biological instincts know what we need better then our conscious minds do. My subconscious has written so many songs that my conscious mind didn’t understand until years later. You might not understand your creative impulses at the time but it’s important to let go and trust the process.

If you feel foolish you’re doing it right.

When I start writing lyrics and melodies for a song I start with the feeling I want to convey to the listener. I turn on my voice recorder and sing a nonsensical string of words and melodies until I can begin to sketch out a rough verse or chorus. These phrases are like scribbly gesture drawings trying to capture little truths about the subject. The more you let go during this process the more rewarding your final product will be. Just relax and lose yourself. If you feel foolish you’re doing it right.


Stop trying.

Nothing can replace hard work and hours of pounding on your craft. That being said, you cannot force a creative idea into fruition, just as you cannot force a fruit to ripen before its time. If an idea just isn’t working, stop trying and let that idea go rather than burning yourself out. If it is a true enough part of yourself then it will come out again when the time is right.  

You have to find your way back to a state of rest, without defenses, without self-awareness, and simply be.

When you stop trying you tell yourself that you are enough. Your defenses fall and your creativity flows freely. You begin to lose track of time because you’ve become present in your creative process. Your conscious mind will try to sneak in and control the process but don’t let it. You have to find your way back to a state of rest, without defenses, without self-awareness, and simply be.

Every night when we put our consciousness to sleep we allow our subconscious to come out and play. All through the night endless worlds and story-lines spill out filling our minds with original thoughts and concepts. Upon waking, we still have that same capacity for infinite creativity lying dormant inside of us. We are all creative beings with infinite potential. We just need to stop trying so hard to control our creativity and let it flow through us.

Thanks for reading! If you have any thoughts or just want to chat feel free to DM me on Instagram: @benjamin.love. xx

Benjamin Love

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About Benjamin Love

Benjamin Love is a second-generation Korean-American artist and LGBTQ rights activist. Love was raised in Chattanooga, TN and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. His music can be streamed on all major platforms.